I went to a Michael Franti concert last night and I sit here this morning wondering about his message. He has a great film that asks people to stay human, featuring people around the globe that are experiencing some of the most challenging things one can face as a human on this planet.  

But where is the focus?

The focus is on the the struggle, the hardship, the pride in going through tough times. I am not saying it is not tough – no way no how….yet when we focus on how great the struggle is and the pride we have for suffering, it can only bring more of that.

Same goes for motherhood. If we focus on the tough stuff, the’ I’m a tough strong mom and I can get through this’….well, yes you will, but your focus will always be the getting through and there will always be another challenge, mess, or something else to get through.

What if we changed our focus to celebrating the magic of life, the little things that can open up a world of possibility in our lives especially as mothers?  It’s the little note the says ‘fank you for eryfing‘ handwritten by your kiddo that needs to take the forefront.  

As mom’s we don’t need to be victimized or proud of the struggle.  We can be strong, tough, and handle anything (this I know for sure), but our focus no longer needs to be in the fight. What if we spread our wings to show our children and fellow parents that life and children are about celebrating and creating?  If you lived from that perspective…what would you choose then?

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