Is your identity caught up in being a mother?

What if what your child requires of you is to be everything that you are?

Sure, you are a mother…or a Mama as I would call it, yet what did you love and thrive on before your beautiful children came into the world?

Are you still doing those things?

And if not, don’t you dare go making yourself wrong for not having them in your life.  Now is the time to evaluate if you miss them and would like to add them back into your life.

For the first few years of motherhood, I really compartmentalized myself. I would have my Mama hat on when my kiddo was around. I would have my ‘work’ hat on when I worked, when I started my business, I would have my ‘business’ hat on when it was time for business…and I really felt that none of these things could mingle. Compartmentalizing me and my ‘roles’ was incredibly frustrating and slowed me down dynamically.

Once I finally allowed everything to flow in a beautiful way together, my life began to open up and blossom. My business grew, I had more joy with my kiddo and money flowed in.

So if you are in any way compartmentalizing, is it time to change that? And if so, how does one begin?  Get curious in any situation, are you shutting off any part of you here?

And ponder, does it create more for me or less for me if I shut that part off?

Then you get to choose, open up to the part you shut off or not. It’s simply a choice.

You, Mama, get to choose what works for you because if you don’t, the world will do that for you.

As a side note, I would you like you to know, I am not saying I do all my work with my kiddo around, nope! that would drive me insane. What I am saying is I no longer separate me and all the things I love and therefore I have all of me all time.

Everyday is a different day, some days I require the space to create and others it’s easy to have my kiddo in tote. It’s in staying in the flow that allows all of this to be much easier that if I were compartmentalizing me.

What do you require to have all of you all of the time?