I am in Toronto this week with MY Mama as she heads into surgery.

Here’s the gorgeous view from where I will be staying

It’s quite a ride to watch my Mama go through the ups and downs and everything in between to get ready for this adventure.

For me, I’ve put some things in place so that I am well nourished in all aspects (body, mind, etc) so that I can be there for her, my dad, my sister as I have not been ‘in it’ with them leading up to this with me living so far away.

I am so quick to forget to take care of me.  Just the other morning I was out climbing stairs (as I do),  and found myself super dizzy. As I checked in with myself, I realized that my focus that morning was to make sure my kiddo was fed before school and with everything else I had going on in my brain, I totally forgot to check in with my body and what it needed.  Oops…not my wisest choice.

We are taught on airplanes to put the mask on ourselves first. How often do you really do that?  I know for me, I so often thing do this first…then I can do what is good or fun for me. Again…not a wise choice on my behalf.

This week, as my Mama goes into surgery, I am putting things in place to make sure that I take care of me, so I can be present with everything fully and engaged.

Want to know the first thing I did to take care of my needs before her surgery? Well, when I found out about it, I knew that I had to go alone. My kiddos dad is also out of town so it wasn’t an easy trade in the schedule.  I have an amazing best friend who takes care of my son as if he is her own and she gladly took him in so I could travel solo this week.

Taking care of you, also means having people  in your life that support you. I’ve created having a gorgeous (inside and out) friend who helps me in so many ways and I am so damn grateful. I get teary every-time I think about it, because I can be here and know that my son is taken care of.

When you have your life set up to support you, you can be readily available for what is going on in the moment.  How can you set up your life to be even more supported than it is today?

What do you have set up to support you? What do you need to set up to support you?