I LOVE a good story of change…and to be on the listening side of someone sharing their story as to where they are now, and where they were a year, two years or even two months ago.  It’s inspiring and up-lifting.

Today I had the gift of talking with Amanda Chelsea, a gorgeous (both inside and out) woman, yoga instructor, inspiration, foodie, and brilliant gift to the world.  

She and I had worked together over a year ago in a program I had called 30 Days of Becoming Money. I was curious to see where she was at in her world as when she was in the program, she was working hard on getting herself to where she wanted to be in her life.  

As Amanda and I talked today, chills ran through my body as she shared so many brilliance shifts and changes in her world. She is living five blocks from the ocean in every direction in the gorgeous city of Vancouver, while working in a job that supports her in many  more ways than just a paycheck (her employer gives out $200/month to go towards yoga and meditation classes locally. Can you believe it?).

I am going to share with you the top four shares that made my body tingle with joy:

  1. She no longer is in poverty mindset or forcing anything into existence. Did you know, when you get really needy of something, you just push it away? You do.  And you won’t get what you are asking for until you shift into trusting and knowing that you are supported. And that is when the peace and calm came in for Amanda. When she finally knew she could BE in the energy of what she desired versus seeking it desperately, everything has shown up for her in beautiful ways. No more lack, scarcity or fear and her whole world opened up.
  2. She is no longer in a rush with anxiety attached. I loved it when she said ‘I can plant the seeds and know I don’t have to harvest them right away’. You truly can plant seeds for your future today, let them be, and nurture them with joy, trust and patience, and your harvest will be phenomenal.
  3. She knows she is supported.  Whether it is time, money, opportunities, Amanda knows that she is fully supported in the creation of her life and she does this with a great sense of calm and peace throughout her entire world.
  4. You don’t have to fight anymore.  Much of what Amanda was up against was her fighting against herself and what her mind was telling her others would say or push back against.  When she stopped the fight, but down her barriers, she opened herself up to more freedom throughout her entire world.

Know that no matter where you are in your life in this moment. There is always room for shifts and changes right away that lead to even greater shifts and changes in the future.

The trick is, let it go, surrender to the fact that you think you have to fight or push or race to the finish line. YOu don’t. Enjoy each moment, be present and allow yourself to receive the gifts of living this amazing, miraculous and magical life.  


P.S….if you’d like to follow Amanda and watch her journey continue to unfold, you can find her on instagram HERE