How many times have you found yourself in a situation where someone said something or looked at you a certain way and immediately decided there was something wrong with you? Or heard your kids say, ‘that’s not the way Daddy does it.’

What if that look, comment or dig had nothing to do with you?

What would happen if you began to catch yourself going into the ‘what’s wrong’ or what did I do wrong’ fixing mode and instead flipped that idea on its head and asked yourself, ‘What’s really going on here?’ and ‘What do I know is true here?’ and let yourself off the crazy hook of thinking you did something wrong and stop yourself from going down of self depreciation.

I get curious as to why it is many of us, especially mama’s, so often go to what is wrong about us or what we need to change about ourselves in relationship and in life instead of looking at the gifts that we are.

Why is it is so easy to brush off a compliment and forget it and so easy to hang on to a criticism?

Is it the drive of perfection? Is it the need to please?

What if none of that mattered? What if it was really about you, paying attention to where your focus is, and then deciding if that focus is were you want to be spending your time and thoughts.

If your worry and self spun downfall has anything to do with an interaction with another person…stop. It’s not personal, it’s never personal.

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