I woke up with all the great intentions of doing all the things I promised yourself you would do first.  Like very first…no surfing social, no checking in with people outside of my house before the things you’ve promised myself to do…

I snuck into the bathroom, as far away from my kiddo as I could be, in hopes that he would sleep longer, not hear the clicking of the computer keys as I write and create.

And then…the dangerous thought of ‘I must check the thesaurus to see if there’s a better word for this’…ok…I’ll take my phone off of airplane to check ‘just that’….

20 minutes later…shit…how did I get here looking at instagram videos? And WTF am I watching anyways?

Alright…let’s shift this….continue on with the writing….head down….back into the flow….and another thought….oh…I should quickly ‘just’ do this on my phone…it’ll only take a sec.

Oh shit….not again….how the F did I get to this video this time?

What am I doing right now? Right…focusing…on the things I promised myself!!

And then put that on repeat…focus…distraction…focus…distraction…WTF…how did I get here? What the heck am I watching?

Oh right…it’s all a choice…allowing myself to ‘just’ for a second take my eye off of what I promised myself….

…and so…as the day begins and my kiddo scared the shit out of me as I was back in focus mode writing and creating…I continue to laugh at myself, and redirect myself to keep my promises to myself.

No more putting those promises on the back burner. No more making myself wrong for procrastinating and going down the rabbit hole of social media….just laughter and continual re-direction, just like I have to do with my kiddo many times a day.

It’s time to show up. It’s time to nourish to replenish by way of creation, creativity and sharing all the things that are bubbling up inside.


It’s time to laugh at all the silly things I do to avoid and prolong delivering the promise to myself.  It’s comical at the least….crazy making at best.

And so…this Mama is headed off for another day of work and school vacation all at the same time adventures. Totally doable…especially when I keep my promises to myself and love myself no matter where I am at.

Learn how to keep your promises and stay true to you and you will be a much happier Mama because of it.