Hi! I’m Maggie!!

I’m a Mama, and adventurer, a creator and an entrepreneur.

I love to help women, especially single mama’s overcome any and all limitation to create a life that they truly desire. This includes discovering what it is that lights you up and bringing all your asks and requests to life.  I love to talk about creation, pleasure, business, parenting, co-parenting, body, life, finances and all things in between. No topic is left unturned. I’m all about inviting YOU to have everything you desire and more…and there’s always more.

What I know is, creating a life as a single mama is so much like raising a kiddo. It takes persistence, joy, play, adventure and the willingness to have fun with it all, even when you’re up late at night and not sure how you are going to make it….but somehow you always do.

I’ve got you….you’ve got this…let’s take motherhood to a whole new level.